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Man wearing black and white dress and hat

Browse Our Selection of Trajes Charros para Niño y Niña

Everyone deserves to get in on the charro fun! We have a vast inventory of charro-inspired outfits for your youngest family members. Our team will help you and your little one pick out a beautiful outfit and find the ideal size. Whether you’re looking for a true traje charro or just something with a little Mexican inspiration, we have the garments for you.

Girl wearing nice blue dress

Helping You Find the Perfect Charro Chambelan

Chambelanes are an essential part of many quinceañeras. As such, your charro chambelanes should look their best. We can provide a vast selection of outfits, complete with embroidered jackets, ruffled shirts, and sombreros. Our team will also help you outfit your damas with traditional Mexican dresses and adornments. Whatever you need as you choose court attire, we’ll work with you. As you plan your charro-themed party, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Shoes
  • Music
  • Décor
  • Desserts
  • Invitations

Check Out Trajes Charros para Bautizo

Our team is also proud to be a top provider of trajes charros para bautizo. Known as baptism or christening in English, bautizo is a crucial part of confirming the Christian faith. A charro-inspired outfit is perfect for celebrating both a child’s baptism and their Mexican heritage. Simply speak to our Sacramento team, and we’ll help you find the ideal traje charro para bautizo. Let us know your preferences, and our team will get to work narrowing down your vast range of options.

Need a Special Outfit for a Wedding?

Our team provides trajes charros for nearly any occasion, weddings included. Whether you’re a guest or planning your big day, you can’t go wrong with our wide selection of trajes charro. We welcome you to rent or buy one of these outstanding garments, perfect for men, women, boys, and girls.

An Array of Trajes Charros for Your Perusal

At Boutique Moroleon, we’re dedicated to being your one-stop-shop whenever you need trajes charros for your celebration. Whether you’re planning a quinceañera or another cultural event, you’ll find everything you need at our boutique. Our team has worked with countless customers from across the Sacramento, CA area, helping them to find fantastic outfits that are functional and elegant, and reflect pride in Mexican heritage. Learn more about all we can offer you.

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